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MYTH: Women do not enjoy equal rights with men in Turkey




The Economic Development Foundation (IKV) published in February 2014 a book entitled “Myths vs Facts in the EU and Turkey-EU Relations” (AB ve Türkiye-AB İlişkilerinde Doğru Bilinen Yanlışlar) in Turkish language. Taking this publication as a reference, a micro site was established. As of May 2015, we are translating into English the micro site and by conserving the possibility to enter new articles. Thanks to this micro site, you can send us directly your questions as regards known and less known myths on the EU and Turkey-EU relations. As in our publication, the content of the micro site is being prepared by IKV expert team. We sincerely hope that the public, both in Turkey and in Europe will reach easily to myths as regards the EU and Turkey-EU relations and to find answers to their questions.


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