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MYTH: Women do not enjoy equal rights with men in Turkey



ABOUT M. vs F.

As IKV published a book regarding Myths vs Facts as regards the EU and Turkey-EU relations in February 2014 in Turkish language, it can be remarked that there have been an important number of informative activities, numerous publications and new experts trained in the last decades. Nonetheless, it is regrettable to see that since our book has been published, there are still new prejudiced views and comments being made as regards Turkey-EU relations.

Taking into account this aspect, we established in 2014 an interactive site. As of May 2015, we have established an English version of the micro site with the help of the EU Delegation.

Through this micro site, we are trying to tackle common and less known misperceptions on the EU and Turkey-EU relations such as “instead of EU membership, Turkey should accept privileged partnership status”, “all of Turkey’s foreign policy will be decided in Brussels”, “the recent economic crisis will lead the EU to disintegrate” and many others.

In order to respond swiftly and to better tackle new issues and misperceptions as regards to the development of the bilateral relations between Turkey and the EU, our website was set up with an interactive format. IKV experts will try to address questions directed through the micro site.

Our website is brought to the attention of all those that have a particular interest in Turkey and Turkey-EU relations. As the Nobel prized French writer Claude Simon put it, “our perception of the world is deformed, incomplete… our memory is selective. Writing transforms…” As IKV experts, our wish is that through this micro site, we are able to tackle known and less known myths on Turkey-EU relations.